So dear Sister and Brother....

Every night when I go to sleep, I iNvite the Supreme to go all around the Planet Earth and to Spred love energy to all the Beings and also to neutralize all over the Sky all the chemical trails..

Now we are all the time only in two the Supreme and me, but if we are many than we can change positively the energy of the Planet does not take any time to you, in any case you go to sleep, and when we sleep our soul goes in Astral so let we use the Astral trip in company of the Supreme to spread love energy......

It will be wonderful if we are thousands, million or more can you think what can happen to the Planet with so an Huge Energy of Love.....

Time is short the Planet Earth is preparing to move, the polar shift is in course, and still the most People are ibernatic, sleeping, not be able to see, our mission is to help humanity to awaken, even One is a great goal...

I hope to see all of you above spreading Love....

Open to new suggestion or proposal

Remeber we are here to Serve

Love is God God is Love

Love All Serve All

Sai Ram Luiananda

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Divine inspiration

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