Arthur William Bell III  June 17,1945 - April 13, 2018

Sad news today, radio show host Art Bell has passed away at his home in Pahrump NV.  Many here will remember his nightly radio shows in the 1990 that covered all manners of topics from UFOs, ghosts, conspiracies, Wicca, and even a bottomless put known as Mel's Hole. While he made several returns to radio after the latest turn of century, he resigned from the airwaves on December 11, 2015 after issues with a stalker on his property.

May he find peace and ultimate truth and maybe a path out of here. I wonder what he finally did to resolve the John Lear Test, basically what to do when you see the light after death - if you turn from it and find your own light you can supposedly avoid reincarnating here again. If you go into the light you recycle and come back with amnesia. This was discussed on some of his radio shows with Lear.

I will be watching for any signs or signals on what he decided to do here.

In the meanwhile prayers and blessings to his family, friends, and fans.


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  • May you rest in peace and find sollace and solitude where ever you are. Blessings to you, Art.

    This is not by all means inclusive, but perhaps someone can find something here worth contributing to. Videos, photos, moments, happy times etc.

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