One sannyasi came to the neighborhood of a village and flaked out under a tree, to spend the night. Suddenly, an inhabitant of the settlement ran up to him and said:

- A gem! A gem! Give me a gem! 
- What is a gem? - asked sannyasi. 
- Yesterday during the night Siva emerged in my dream - told the villager - and he made me certain, that when sundown come I would meet one sannyasi, who would donate a gem to, thanks to which, I will become rich. 
Sannayasi delved into his bag, and took out a gem. 
- Probably that is it - he said, passing the gem to the villager. I had found it on a path in a forest. You can keep it. A man looked on wondering. It was a diamond! Probably the greatest diamond in the world, because it was big like a duke. The man took the gem and went out. He tossed and turned in his bed and could not sleep the whole night. 
The next day at the crack of dawn he ran to wake up sannyasi and told him: 
- Give me an opulence, which allowed you to so easily get rid of this diamond.

"The Song of the Bird" Tony de Mello

I. is a permanent participant of workshops. She is 29 years old and has a head full of dreams. She also has the big ability to watch her own emotions and hid behind her needs, that ensure her most well-chosen selection concerning her here and now while clocking up life lessons.

She more often refers to traits (signature virtues), which appear in the aftermath of creating one's life experiences. She understands, that perfection in a range of self-realization depends on a tapestry hammered by virtues, and on the ability of expressions through them. She starts to treat an arena of life increasingly as a possibility to experience herself, not as a place of wrestle for a golden award.

Trusting her own feelings and the self-realization on the base of them, and the information gained during a process of education, make walking through and experiencing life's subjects, rendering her useless in changing and interesting base for self-cognition and permanent growth of energy. Growth, which is the conditioning and well mood of greater access to a knowledge of subtle forms of life.

With the negative energy of emotions that emerge during the creation, she increasingly becomes more efficient and transforms to a level linked with the experiencing of the calmness.

Can we in the world, which exist perpetual concerns on surrounding us with only tactile material reality, numerous implication linked with the material side of life, function while aiming a vector of interest into our inside?

If yes, what is in this perspective attractiveness?

I think, that the answer is linked with the pinpointing an efficiency of life.

This way, on which perpetually we build and experience ourselves once again, can be attractive for people who are bored of manifesting the same paths, who are not afraid of risk or changes and treat life as a great possibility of discovering their own potential.

- Do not you regret your own choice? I ask her, attentively observing her face. 
- Do not the rat race and the gratifications linked with it, which fascinate your acquaintances, appear to be a better way of life's adventure? 
- I feel the life, I flow! 
- Once again and with a feeling of attractiveness and self-realization - she answers. 
- I am not bored, I am not afraid that I will loose something, because everything I need in life, I always have with me. 
- Does I. find a diamond?

For this question answer by yourself.

Best regards
Teresa Maria Zalewska

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  • This does make sense. No heart is more pure than that of the soul. For the rich is as pure as desire itself.

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