Some of these are pretty funny until you realise that some of them go over people's heads to advance psyops or passive indifference. Know them well and add your own you have seen recently.

1.penile insertive behavior                                                              sex

2.rough and tumble neighborhood                                                   ghetto

3.being walked                                                                                fired

4.thermal soil remediation unit                                                       incinerator

5.victim of habitually detrimental lifestyle                                      alcoholic

6.customer capital cost reduction                                                  down payment

7.wildlife conservation program with some permanent facilities         zoo

8.multidimensional gaming with an entertainment complex              casino

9.air curtain incinerator                                                                  open pit for burning trash

10.thermal therapy kit                                                                     bag of ice cubes

11.mental activity at the margins                                                    insanity

12.dysfunctional behavior                                                               criminal actiity

13.suffer from fictitious disorder syndrome                                    liar

14.political credibility problem                                                        liar, a lie

15.sub-optimal                                                                                failed

16.temporarily displaced inventory                                                stolen goods

17.immediate consumption channel                                               vending machine

18.fresh chicken                                                                              frozen chicken

19.positive restructuring                                                                  bankruptcy

20.uninstalled                                                                                   fired

21.laundry system                                                                            washing machine

22.just in time employees                                                                 temporary employees

23.negative gain in test scores                                                         test scores went down

24.purification                                                                                  slaughter of a large amount of people

25. perception management                                                              psyop, manipulation

26.unique retail biosphere                                                                farmers market

27.wet deposition                                                                             acid rain

28.reality augmentation                                                                    lie

29.normal gratitude                                                                           bribe

30.exceed the odor threshold                                                           stink 

31.congressional project of national significance                             congressional pork barrel

32.males with female features                                                          women soldiers

33.meaningful downturn in aggregate output                                   recession

34.after-sales services                                                                       kickbacks

35.vegetarian leather                                                                         vinyl

36.senior congregate community for the chronologically gifted         nursing home

37.decomissioned aggressor quantum                                               dead enemy soldiers

38.surgical isolation of the head                                                        cut off head

39.resource development park                                                          dump

40.inhalation hazard                                                                          poison gas

41.substantive negative outcome                                                      death

42.reutilization marketing yard                                                          junkyard

43.release of resources                                                                     to fire workers

44.immediate permanent incapacitation                                            death

45.passenger facility charge                                                              tax

46.misconnect rate                                                                           lost luggage

47.terminological inexactitude                                                           lie

48.single use                                                                                   disposable

49.mislead                                                                                        lie

50.waste management bag                                                                 plastic trash bag

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  • Have you ever noticed when people use terms like power play, they mean cause a rebelleon?

  • Did you ever notice when something you need such as electricity, food, housing or medical care rise the media used terms like "soar" or "sky rocket?" The positive connotation of a soaring bird or rocketing to the stars temporarily makes us forget this means some multi-millionaires or billionaires have conspired to make us more broke.  Even the term "fine" or "charge" has positive connotations. The best one I ever heard was "non-refundable pet deposit" - meaning pay for the fact your pet exists whether it causes damage or not. What kind of stubby-fingered greaseball executive thought up this one?

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