You all are so very much welcome at united Starseeds. We now have a sister network, One Vibration! It's the original one before it became Shattering The Matrix. As well as after it became Shattering The Matrix. You can find it here. One Vibration

As sisters, brothers, be we twin sites or soul flames, United Starseeds and One Vibration both have a history about them. And the majority of this history has depths covered in love, progress, awakening and discovery. Ideally, One Vibration could incorporate United Starseeds within its depths quite easily as a group. However, we'll let you decide. Either way the owner and I are working on establishing a great relationship and are looking forward to providing the same idea. Love, awakening and personal growth for everyone.

You're probably sick and tired of talk and pretty words. So I'll tell you what. Every Friday I will be sure to post 3 videos that are documentaries. You can watch them on either site, I will rejoin One Vibration, and I'll keep working on some blogs and other content every now and again. However, you can contact Sha on One Vibration or myself on this network, or post a question on the site if you need any assistance.

Some of you may know that I was once a member of One vibration. I was Star Guardian back in the day. I left for a time. Here's how you first heard of United Starseeds if you were a member of Shattering The Matrix. With some help from Love Is The Answer, I was able to secure early access to the once retired Shattering The Matrix member list as we were both interested in trying to revive the site. Sha has got to it first, and has recently sighted our interested groups, One vibration and Shattering the Matrix on United Starseeds when I sent out the invitations to join them to interested members of the site, as being the reason to revive One vibration! I am very happy for this ability to serve in whatever way I am able, and still be a friendly face to talk to naturally. So thank you for coming, keep up the excellent posts, especially to you Teresa Maria Zalewska, Amy Eluria, Oriel, Steve Hutchinson, Paul Haider, and everyone else. You're doing a fantastic job. I'll see you around.

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  • Ari decided to take the site from Sha the person who revived it. With the assistance of Ning, it would appear the site has been subjected to domain changes and so it appears the new URL for it is I'm going to invite all existing members of One vibration to join United Starseeds group.

  • What Happened to One Vibration because I cannot get on there?

  • Dziękuję za ciepłe słowa.
    Życzę Ci najpełniejszej kreacji, płynącej z najsubtelniejszych poziomów Ducha. 
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