Perfection - mumbles a teenager watching a group of workshop participants. Why does anybody have to mold any signature or noble virtues? Why in a present world, are useful humility or compassion useful? - he continues.

After exercises I had approached and leaned on a bollard of a bower, said the youngster.

- Do you want to work with us next week? - I asked him.

Surprised by my invitation, he affirmatively had nodded his head and went away. 
A while later we also left this beautiful place of Jablonna gardens. I shout questions regarding the boy to young competitors of workshops. I am very glad, that so-called signature virtues, which ancients had identified with deeply justified convictions, in other words - knowledge, are for this group a value on its own, as well.

They do not doubt that our every day reality shapes them, but they accordingly say that awareness of being in a process reduces a suffering - side effect of a grinding life.

They give the examples: Life obstructions shape the humility. Straggling with them brings a great variety of different feelings, from dejection to rage.

If we can accept their presence and if we use, adequate to a situation, techniques, which will transform them into "positive", we improve on one hand the noble trait, and on the other hand we gain a tool for less painful change of personality. 
But, what is compassion or love needed for?

Is not the cost, which we have to incur during self-improvement, higher than the real benefits?

From my own life experiences:

I do not know how without the humility we can expand our knowledge or to "explore" worlds of other people. I dare to say, that lack of it leads to many adverse decisions. Sometimes we refuse something uncommonly precious, something in what our speculative mind cannot see any advantages, what in fact could bring long expecting fulfillment.

From the other point of view, how do great Teachers of humanity, noble traits, a firmed by variety of experiences, constitute uncommonly stable codes, the mental-emotional modules, opening up the gates to higher reality and allowing us to stay there.

If interested in:

There exists male and female modules. 
Among female modules we distinguish: love, faith, beauty, harmony, truth and peace. 
To male modules belong: love, wisdom, truth, humility, unity, compassion. 
In which way and in what way we use our time between our birth and death depends on our own free will. What we will do, time will show.

Best regards
Teresa Maria Zalewska

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  • Let us create what must not be destroyed to destroy what must never be created. To know the creation we seek for is the answer destruction cannot.

    • Prawda. Tym atrakcyjniejsza, że poznanie jest również uwarunkowane, a zatem nieskończone.

      • Conditions only are the first step into building knowledge into a system. conditions bring about limitations for the knowledge to be purposed, designed and implemented. If any of such principles are unattainable, the entire structure falls apart. Unconditional creation is how my heart sings joyfully at the expansion of love throughout the universe and beyond.

        • Każdy akt stwórczy można opisać poprez Matematykę Ducha. Nie oznacza to jednak, że Miłość dostosowuje się do opisu, ale raczej, że istnieje elegancki sposób przedstawienia ruchu Ducha w przestrzeni w samym akcie tworzenia. Każdy akt twórczy posiada aspekt poznawczy i doświadczalny. Jeden nie wyklucza drugiego.
          Jeśli spojrzysz w ten sposób na rzeczywistość, Twoja radość nie będzie mniejsza tylko dlatego, że można ją opisać matematycznie w języku świętej geometrii. 
          Z innej perspektywy: wystaczy zmienić poziom wibracji, a Twój sposób postrzegania ulega zmianie. 
          Wszystko jest relatywne i piękne.

          • That's because it's understood to be so no matter what.

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