From my years of experience with guides, I have always been troubled as to why an intelligent wise being such as we are would seek answers of things that are important to us from other untested beings in the astral or that claim residence in the higher dimensions.
When one reviews the messages received the answers are often vague ambiguous or otherwise unverifiable information. These days Google is a better Guide. I couldn’t help but get the impression many people were getting their strings pulled, as over time this frequently builds into an addictive pattern that defies all common sense. Those that channel bigger name ascended masters seem to do so with the earthly parallel of name dropping. Who do you know ?
I would say that our own higher dimensional self (a.k.a. intuition) is fully capable of providing us with the means of guiding our daily lives in love and truth. In fact, the very fact we NEED such guides is an insult to our own spirit. If the sum of ourselves, including the parts of ourselves in the higher dimension is complete why do we need more? Ask this in any New Age gathering and you will be the questioning kid in your Sunday school getting scorned, but this time with tough love and light. The experienced practitioners will be able to answer this question with more circular logic or unverifiable information. This is expected. The real answer is they don’t know either! If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with the bull 's fecal droppings.
From the best truths I have found, I have arrived at the conclusion that many if not all of the commonly known ascended masters do not have the best interests at heart of those they supposedly serve. In fact, the followers and channels are serving them. But, I will save this for a later talk. Many will be in sort of a rage or shock at this point already, so lets conclude this topic with coherence.
Here are some red flags that demonstrate your Guide needs to be fired:
1. Channeled session that begin with “Dear Ones” , “We come to you hear today to assist your species in its evolvement” or similar. This is a cut that implies they think of themselves as greater than you. Somehow you are unable to assist yourself as a being or a species. Talk about giving your power away. If we are such a valuable race why are we talked to like third graders? Even if they are more evolved you would think they have developed a more effective manner of communication.
2. Unverifiable information. How many lives have I had 9,228,277, 989, 798, 168. Hmm. Somehow the preciseness here is confused with accuracy and one wants to add this to the “correct” and helpful list. Ask for simpler information and its 60% on a good day, but somehow this is on the mark. Riiight.
3. Secret information that you are told not to reveal. This likely is serving some purpose for your guides agenda more than you, and as long as you keep the secret it makes you feel mightier with some “exclusive information”. My advice, blog it that night and can the guide. When the secret is in the open those pieces of info are often the biggest stinkers of all and easy to debunk. The upside is you’ll get some laughs with your friends.
4. When you’re reduced to asking guides about things you could better learn by ordinary means. By the time your guides a crutch likely this is only personal problem you’re facing in comparison to the rest of your life.
5. When the line between our own inner guidance and the guides information is blurred. This might sound at first like a good sign, but nothing could be further from the truth. When this line is blurred in a willing soul it gives the being carte blanch to over rule your own guidance.
6. When the information is repetitive from day to day week to week. When your guide speaks in patterns that sound like sentence and story generators online or like Artificial Intelligence this is a danger sign. No matter the source, do you want something that sounds like a machine to guide you?
7. When the information received becomes so flowery, ambiguous to understand, or just downright absurd. What use is this if you can’t apply it even if its true? Should not a guide know your best method of understanding?

By this time I may have burst some bubbles and some may feel the way the did when they found Santa Claus, Father Frost, Дед Мороз (the Russian Santa) were actually their own parents. Sorry. It hurts to see these ideas held by us and even ones close to us to come into doubt and disarray. You might dislike this blog entirely, and this is fine. If you’ve read this far a seed has been sown. You might not realize this today, or this year, but some day you might. And if this prevents one person from falling down the guides and channeling trap then I will say it was worth it.

Ideally, I will see many of you readers back after setting these things aside and remarking at your accelerated growth you have experienced using your own guidance. And what can be accomplished with elan as a team of free thinking, sovereign, and internally guided individuals is amazing. Think for yourself. Be yourself. And let the healing begin.

© 2012,2018 Amy Eluria

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