P - Permanent level of happiness which you feel 
E - Established domain of positive emotions 
C - Circumstances of your life 
F - Factors under the control of your will

"Authentic happiness" Martin Seligman

Even when, thanks to self-observation and self-analysis, we have identified our predispositions (described by professor Seligman "signature virtues"), our life circumstances are positive, and we are a willing to use them in our creativity, even then we are not assured that we will experience true happiness. Taking into account our feelings (developing our intuition) as we go through our life's experiences, could take us closer to the feeling of satisfaction, felt by those among us who already are happy.

Sometimes however the predispositions that we already have curiosity about the world, critical thinking, resourcefulness, social intelligence, etc.) can be the base for developing other traits such as courage, persistence, kindness, leadership skills.

Then, creating our life experiences, taking into account all mentioned conditions, instead of feeling happiness, we tend to focus on dull regrets, emotional pain and lack of fulfillment.

I think that our ability of to keep up with all these "spin-offs" of creation, depends on our well being (in a context of psychosomatic diseases) and also the level of development, in which we pursue. Vigilance and paying attention to the virtues, that we already have are something we must continue to work on. I think, that one of elements of feeling happiness - joy- will occur when we create, based on the new traits of developing personalities through life experiences a completely different quality.

Self-observation and developing of traits that we, which consciously form, can be difficult, if we do not constantly convert our feelings into creativity. It is that creativity where we can notice the change most readily. 
Through this process we need to incorporate into our emotional and mental plan the ability to be - calm and silent. 
Without mental and emotional hygiene we do not reach new plateaus of intuition, and often wander helplessly to the rhythm of our emotions.

In these life moments our great allies are music, poetry, creative expression that constructively articulates what we feel.

Word can give us the wings and can kill, the music can to hush up and destroy walls like a sound of Jericho whirlwinds.

If you visit and click on Love of Silent Moon, probably you can experience sudden shift of your mood, maybe something much more.

Independently on your disposition, I propose you to get to know a content of this page. Uncommon, from a philosophical thought point of view, articles by Stuart Wilde, wonderfully harmonized with them music and miraculous voice of Cecil can support you in the moments of confusion. From my side I am deeply grateful for this splendid gift to all authors and producers of this recording.

Best regards
Teresa Maria Zalewska

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