Even as we function in a field of varied information, significant quantities of patients complain that they have the lack of skills, useful in improving a better quality of life's experiences. Feelings of marasmus and torpor are not rare, even between young people and experiments with addicting remedies increasingly inscribed into an autobiography of attractive sensation seekers.

We know from a psychological yard, that feelings of happiness are linked with an ability of managing an emotional level of life.

Pleasure and gratification are two possibilities, which on one hand bring a world of sensual experiences, and on another self-realization based on our own creative potential, through using the best sculptured traits of personality (virtues) referred to Prof. Seligman as signature virtues.

Listening to music undoubtedly we can relate to a palette of nice sensations.

Technical possibilities to relish and an interesting dialogue with an expert of musical phrase can enrich us in regards to a new high in quality sensations.

We use music also for therapeutic purposes, as it has a background for techniques of visualization. The target is: on the one hand we chill out our "running mind", on the other -awareness on the impact of forming our emotional landscape (from this point, no believers of positive psychology, so its only a small step in experiencing, what we call happiness.

Can we turn a feeling of pleasure into a phenomenon of flow and flow as the wings of deepening experiences of life into a more gratifying sensation? I hope, that a consider on own feelings during an emitting gave you joy and enriched your internal landscape about next cognitive elements.

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Teresa Maria Zalewska


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