Join us as we officially part ways from One Vibration. It's current administration has presented a few members with some challenges, ones we'd rather stay well clear on officially. this does not mean you cannot belong as a member there nor here for that matter if you are one, but for the sake of everyone involved, we wish them well but wish the attacks away.

The reason comes after Several members reported problems with their posts being seen by members of Ari's administration as being laughed at, or attacked. therefore we encourage positive thoughts to those who are doing this behavior, so they may learn from the love that is our eternal flame. also, I wish to introduce a new site which has the energy of the old One Vibration in place, that was originally created by Sha.

The Drip started by Love Is The Answer on One Vibration is our new partner site. In an effort to rekindle what was lost, and to bring in new energies to anyone effected by change of an isolating nature, you are not alone! We'll stand with you through whatever it takes to help you succeed and enjoy whatever you desire. Thank you for creating with us and we'll see you around!

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