Hi, I'm Candie & This is to All of You..

Greetings EArthlings,


I felt the need to address everyone today. First, I guess I should introduce myself. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Candie! I've been a weirdo my whole life. In reality, I've just been on a spiritual path the whole time & never could fit into societies mold. I've grown up having Paranormal & spiritual experiences while living in a strict Christian home. I've been through some pretty hard stuff, but learned from every single thing. Now, it's time for My fiancé,Justin, & I to stop hiding in the shadows & share our Love, experiences, knowledge,& thoughts w everyone & help all those that we can. I believe we can all learn from each other, no matter where you are in this crazy game! 

So, anyways. I just want to say, We love you all & are Super excited to be a part of & grow a community like this! We are here for ALL of you if u need to talk, have questions, are confused, or any other of the multitude of problems & emotions we can have. 


I really have a good feeling about this & feel like the Universe/Spirit is helping us create a wonderful place here at Starseeds. The timing was too synchronized for us to not feel that way. Justin literally said to me one night, "We need to create a secret society of Starseeds!" So I start thinking "How do we do that?" Then, I get an invite from an AMAZING person (who we can all thank for this awesome place), SHA. "We invite you to join us at United Starseeds!" 

I mean, Could the Universe be anymore clear? So, here we are. We've offered to help Sha w anything that's needed that we're able to help with. We hope we can all come together & truly co-create a better world! None of us are in the Alone! When one of us hurts, we all do. This world is created by ALL of us & we, those who have Awaken, have a responsibility to those who are currently waking up & those waking up in the future, to help guide the way. TOGETHER is the ONLY way this will work & TOGETHER we shall change the world!

Sending our Love & Prayers to everyone!


peace & Blessings,

Candie & Justin


p.s, please, comment, we'd love to start getting to know you!

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  • From my heart thank you <3 Much Love ~

  • I consider myself to be honored and graced with your presence, Candis and Justin. You're inspiring me to do something really special.

    • Ah, We really appreciate the chance to be here! I'm glad we can inspire you, but I believe it's you that's inspired us!

  • Thanks, Candie & Justin, I can feel the Love... Nice to meet you! Blessings, Karin Lacy 

    • Thanks !! We're happy to be here!

  • Dear Candie and Justin,

    Thank you for taking the time to address all of us. The world of online communications has so greatly changed since I last was on any sites - these days it seems most folks are not up to saying much more than a word or two if anything, so to hear a few paragraphs and very loving and honest ones as well is a pleasant surprise. As far as growing a community online - quantity is good but quality is always better :) I've seen many sites where there are thousands of members where there are less than perhaps 20 to 50 that are active at all - I presume they all left during the facebook revolution :/ 

    The key difference of Shas site versus dozens of others is here experience, questioning and personal growth all have relevance. One need not label themselves a starseed or even a New Age adherent in order to belong or feel welcome. Everything is welcome for a friendly exploration - portals, UFOs, cryptids, reincarnation and NDEs, and the new area where new sciences meets what has been long called magic.All the religions and fields and study have been to various degrees corrupted, infiltrated and filled with half-truths and dogmas that make getting to the bottom of these issues very tricky - like an obfuscation via a flood of conflcting information where the puzzle pieces don't fit neatly. I would suppose that would make an unsaid motto of the site, Where Love and Truth go hand in hand - or at least that is how I see it. We are Earthlings by where we are temporarily based and some have specific missions, but nearly universally all are looking for our way home, even if we are not sure exactly where that is.

    On a personal note, I do believe that some may well have had contracts or similar to be here, but I don't believe this is universally true for all. This goes back to a long ago war in Lyra when it was invaded by reptilains and this set a group of refugees that came here almost as a matter of default for lack of anywhere else to go and through a certain amount of trickery and coersion. Nobody likes to talk about this for some reason. I render any personal contract null by the fact that when given two false or coerced choices higher forces are obligated to intervene. This is the Universal legal principle I am standing on until the day I am relocated. I also am against any device that renders soul memories incomplete or creates any kind of amnesia. Where not these devices considered illegal by a larger federation? This is where gnosticism comes in.

    Meanwhile, thanks again.

    Brightest Blessings,



    • Thanks for all of that! I totally agree w what you said! We are ALL in this together! 

      Btw, I got chills when I was reading your theory (or Truth) about Lyra! Confirmation? I also have voided all contracts & vowed my service to the Light , Earth, & Humanity. 

      We're so happy you're here w us! & you're so right about QUALITY over quantity! 

      Thanks for commenting!



  • Greetings to you...

    I agree we are all on the Life's journey...

    our paths may be known in another way, yet when it is time we all will filter into the one path and true direction of our purpose and in my case, this journey is on the Red Road, that so many of our people have journeyed and left the footprints so as for us to know and follow...

    Blessings always to you Candie and Justin, Welcome Home...until we share once more...

    • Thanks! The Red Road. I haven't heard that for a while. That's Native American, no? I LOVE that so many different paths lead the same place! I believe the ancient cultures really had things figured out in a way we don't now & have always felt very close to my own Native American ancestry. Have even met a few! Thanks for commenting! 

      Lots a love,


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