You're Probably Wondering Why I Invited You

You're probably wondering why I invited you here. There's 5 main reasons. Lets start out with the first.

1. Connectivity. A long time ago, my first ever introduction to spirituality was on a network called United Starseeds. I've grown to deeply care about the community of spiritual extraterrestrial and psychic empaths I met there, and have since founded a number of friends interested in the nelightenment of Earth and more importantly, ascension and consciousness.

I'm also however, a scientist. I love to explore cosmic theories. So I figure, we could help each other out and bring back the golden days of what used to be extreme empowered enlightenment on the internet and in person.

2. I plan on keeping this site open for awhile. If you have an interest in social engagement, or dedicated educative focus. Say, about a particular spiritual path you are on. Or just want to say hi, well here's somewhere you're more than welcome to share it.

3. Positive environment. I plan on keeping this place positively charged with good energy, and a happy vibe of creativity and love. So there's always someone to talk to who feels the same. I enjoy providing tips, advice and personal experience along the way to help you out no matter what.

4. Strength. In a world of uncertain times, we can only count on each other to make a real difference in the world. To do so effectively, we must either create somewhere we can feel safe, and explore our differences without judgment. But also, figure out a way to make the best of what we have, and grow upon it to achieve true success. The world is ultimately, what we make it.

5. New Information. Not all is lost. When ever an idea for truth and awakening comes to light, I'd love to share it with you and create a space for a culmination of great ideas brought fourth and put into action.

6. Bonus reason. There's still room for faith. Whether you are religious, or prefer to be spiritual, or have no religion at all. Science, and spirituality go hand in hand when you look at the fundamental reasons how creation exists. Sentience proves spirit exists in the world, and science proves how we came into being. Together, we can use such concepts to place into being the reality of our dreams one step and change at a time. shifting and transforming the world to be a loving, caring and fun place to be, is our goal here at United Starseeds.

Amidst connecting with extraterrestrials and off worlders, we are also on this planet for a reason. To enjoy one another as equals is a dream come true for me and I'm sure, for many others. together we can make it happen.

You are special and accepted as you are just the way you are.

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  • I think your dedication to others here, Elshara proves your story and shows you care. I also add my voice to the supporters of this site.

  • Elshara Silverheart thank you for the invite. I am looking forward to develop friendship and keep learning and sharing experiences, comments, insights about our human experience at this time. I walk and aling with the light of God who shines in me every step of the way. I welcome you and this comunity to join me in reach out to each other in order to help us as human as well as eternal souls. Thank you.

    • I definitely will do so in deed. You have my support and my thoughts and blessings go with you.

      Thank you for the warm acceptance! It is much appreciated, as are you.

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