All You Need Is Love

Of course it is true that in the 3d world of the physical you need a lot more to be happy. First of all what would you do without food? Who doesn't enjoy their beauty sleep? The air you breathe has to be at least top quality to really enjoy it, right? And then you have the other reasons for living. the largest of these, is love.

Love is not a concept you throw away due to expectation. It isn't something you can shut off, although there does exist techniques out there for blocking it. My personal view on the matter at hand here, is that there's no such thing as a loveless person. To some extent, they have to be, statistically if nothing else, attracted to some form of life. the closest I've ever seen someone who did not feel love, are the people who hide it. You can see it in their eyes if they walk past you whether or not they are a loving person. Be it in the mall, on a beach, at a concert or simply your neighborhood friend at a barbecue.

Love can take many different interests, but it points to the same source. What you attract you enact. Your actions, help the universe to understand you better so it may in turn provide you with it's understanding of your needs to help you achieve them. You create your own path it's true, but the universe is the leader of this path depending on how willing you are to succeed. It is a timeless journey of compassionate appreciation, because the universe recognizes intention as if it were matter. Love is the most easy to use tool of abundant manifestation available to us in this dimension, and so shifting reality involves having to move puzzle pieces around to complete the journey we may have set out on as people of an ancient time so long ago. Having said this, if there's one thing we've never lost, it's the ability to let our soul sing. a singing soul, one who shines a light on that which they create, will always attract the love of their creation no matter what. This is the reason why conflicts have stalemates. It's the reason why at the heart of all wars, hope is still in existence. thriving because the people, the patriots, love it so in to being.

If you can love yourself enough into being, you can love anything you desire into creation as well. If you unite your actions with the tools of creation, you are a love master. a spirit unbound. A soul free upon any dimension. You know your purpose is simply to be yourself and activate the sense of euphoria you will discover when ever your soul speaks to you. Your mind then is presented with a conscious decision to make a difference, and you will do so because love is on your side and always will be. fear not.

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  • Miłość Jest. Istnieje jednak wiele poziomów doświadczenia tej Energii, a tym samym manifestacji. Subiektywne doświadczenie Energii Miłości jest w pełni uzasadnione przez świętą geometrię, albowiem nawet bliźnięta kosmiczne, choć najbliżej siebie w kosmicznej manifestacji,  różnią się w swych wyborach i ekspersji.Potęga Miłości Ducha stworzyła manifestację kosmiczną, potęga Miłości rodzica, pełen możliwości rozwoju dla wszystkich członków wspólnoty, dom.
    Tajemne komnaty serca, odkrywamy również dzięki miłości. Drzwi jest wiele, a każde oznaczają aspekt Miłości, który jest do odkrycia. W harmonii z własnymi odczuciami, w integracji z Energią Uniwersum. Tak rozwija się serce wszechświata zwane Miłością Uniwersalną w nas. 
    Istnieje wiele przeszkód na drodze realizacji siebie z poziomu miłości. To nasze osobiste lekcje, dzięki którym uczymy się nowego spojrzenia na Miłość. Poszerzamy świadomość indywidulaną i przyczyniamy się do poszerzenia perspektywy doświadczenia dla istot ,wśród których realizujemy swój wewnętrzny potencjał.
    Twoje spojrzenie jest mi bliskie. Dziękuję.

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