Be The gift You Bring

Everyone has a gift to share. To really put this into perspective, imagine this.

You're sitting at home with your husband or wife, assuming you have a family and 3 kids. a popular dream at one time or other. Your kids are quite young, but not babies. You have a moment of clarity into their lives, hoping one day they will always remain young at heart, yet old enough to fulfill the life they wish for. What do you do help them get there. Do you simply allow them to make choices for themselves? Or try to find the choices you think would be safe for them to explore until they reach a certain age or prove maturity. Do you practice another form of parenting? Where does your roll end as a parent and their roll as a soul unbound truly start? When we are born with total amnesia which would come in to effect upon exiting the womb itself, how do you provide balance to a situation which requires both care and harmony to be truly enlightening for all involved?

Be the gift you bring. Show any soul regardless of their age, how important it is to desire what you wish to attract. If you love milk at 1 week old, or if you love sex at 100, be my guest. what you wish for, you may not always attract by words or intentions alone. But your voice and the actions of love and desire you create as a result, because you become totally focused on such a purpose, leads you to realize what can be done, has been done before and shall be done again. As it's only a matter of time until such is fulfilled in accordance with the gift you bring.

So what exactly is this gift, and how can it relate to any circumstance you find yourself in? If you for one thing, believe in circumstances, you accept therefore, what you attract you cannot achieve. I prefer to call them, events of your environment. You have to act based upon your own environment, in order to achieve the result you desire from it. It may not be instant, but it will be rewarding once the universe recognizes you know a part of you belongs here. The gift you bring, is the desire to actualize your dreams in to the manifestation of reality you wish for. already that which is impossible is possible because the thought required to travel from impossibility to possibility is already on it's way. And you are it's beacon. You are the gift of creation itself. Never forget how empowering you are as a person no matter what. It is only hope that keeps us doing good deeds with the gifts we bring, instead of bad deeds because fear holds us back from seeing the purpose of collective action.

You are a gift because the universe hath spoken. You are the greatest miracle a being can become.

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  • Każda istota jest Boską Energią w toku indywidualnego rowoju. Każda widzi i rozumie inaczej tę samą rzeczywistość. Rozumienie zależy od perpektywy zwanej poziomem rozwoju świadomości uzyskanym w toku indywidualnej podróży. Ten zaś jest również bardzo zróżnicowany, bowiem każda istota rozwija podstawowe cechy - Miłość i Prawdę wśród innych ( Piękno, Mądrość, Jedność, Harmonia i tak dalej) w różnych konfiguracjach. Ta różnorodność konfiguracji daje wielobrwne doświadczenie i dzięki temu jeden jedyny Duch może doświadczać Siebie na wielość sposobów. Niektóre konfiguracje zbliżają się w doświadczeniu blisko siebie, inne są bardzo odległe, pomimo, iż reprezentują zbliżony poziom rozwoju. Prawdziwą Jedność gwarantuje doświadczenie Pustki w sobie.


  • Wisdom and intelligence comes from the soul's ability to understand the experiences you have in the physical plain. There is much knowledge learned from the wisdom of the soul. What you take to heart, is how you understand the world to exist as you create with others such an existence for you and all. By being the gift that you are, love is a guide but your soul is the keeper of the knowledge.

  • Realizacja każdego projektu od indywidualnego począwszy na kosmicznym skończywszy, wymaga odpowiednich warunków do spełnienia. Dobre chęci, a nawet kochające serce, to zbyt mało. Potrzebna jest wiedza, mądrość czas i przygotowany do zasiewu grunt.

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