"A long time ago in a place faraway...the sun set on the purple-hued sky and the villagers of the small town of the planet and statesmen alike gathered in the gothic ornamented cathedral for a night of baroque music and dancing. All was well until a chill enveloped the room and without warning bipedal reptile beings crashed through the stained glass windows on the ceiling and descended into the gathering below commando style. With a pole-like weapon that emanated sparks while making the sound of a rotary saw, dozens of people were downed in a minute. The smell of burned flesh and smoke filled the room. A few youngsters hid behind statues on the window sill and rejoined the survivors in other villages after the reptiles left. Hiding like moles in underground crystal caves, they regrouped every last bit of magical technologies before making an evacuation to places unknown. Such were the last days of Eluria."
In the subjective sense, I was there having seen this in recurrent nightmares as one of the survivors. I met with two others in 2010 - that agreed, yep that was how it went down. They were there, too. Corroborated, one would think it is objective fact, and maybe it is. I don't know for sure. Until then, I wondered if these nightmares were triggered by something I had seen on TV and filed away until I had too much pizza one night and was ripe for a nightmare. It sounds like bad science fiction. Or maybe it was government agents in a bunker with psychotronic dream video weapons doing an experiment and my corroborators experienced the same thing. In that case, score 1 for them. There was a myth, a lore of sorts circulating about something like this happening on a star system in Lyra. When I had these nightmares, I knew nothing about the lore. I had sworn off watching TV after 9/11, so if this is just a TV memory, it would be a 1990s production.
So, by this revelation, I lableled myself a defacto Lyran starseed. I had always felt deep inside this was not home. So the idea was a match made in heaven, maybe in the literal. Of course, with a background in astronomy, I wondered what star was this planet orbiting? Was it Alpha Lyrae - Vega, Beta Lyrae - Sheliak or Salmakhis or one of the other hundreds of stars in this constellation. Or was it a planet, maybe even in this solar system in another dimension? After all in the 3D sense these stars do not look like anything that would harbor a sentient civilization. So the "other dimensional Lyra" concept worked. Believe him or not, Billy Meier's contact used this sleight-of-hand with an other dimensional Plejaren civilization in the Pleadies. Its been tagged as a 5D civilization. Why not 6 or 9? Well because someone once said that is true, and it stuck. Sirius got pegged with 6th. And Orion has a portal out of this dimension. Then the idea of densities got shoehorned in. And so it goes. And where its going no one knows. <--Old Nick Lowe lyric, but it fits :)
Then came UFOlogy's Reframers suggesting Fortean interpretations and interdimensionals and Earth's unknown astral tricksters as the real ETs. Basically anything but Space Brothers in a metallic ship became a cause célèbre on the radio circuit fractioning and dividing UFOlogy's circus beyond its usual 3 rings.
Did the New Thought Theosophists adopt the Quantum theories or the other way around? Did the Heritage Foundation and Heartland Institute sponsor new alternative video-cast and audio cast alternative media hosts to promote the Trump is going to save us from the illuminati meme? Ay, Styxenhammer? Q-channers? When I saw an ultra-conservative and James Gilliand in the same radio show venue, I knew something looked really weird. When they couldn't promote a new host, they brought others out of cold storage. Admitted wet works Robert Merritt claiming in a deathbed confession a Richard Nixon time capsule of disclosure? Pffffshhst!!! I spewed coffee all over the keyboard when I first that one. This looks desperate. Maybe someone is trying to make Daniel Liszt and Linda Howe jump the shark, or at least give us another Al Capone's vault. I would warn them, but what would be the point? If they are doing this for the IC they would put me on watch. If they sincerely believe it, I will not be able to reason with them.
All these experiences have taught me to trust no one and where information is needed to attempt to triangulate. Lets say you have an experience, corroborate it with someone else that didn't know you at the time of the experience. Seek documents, and where that is impossible, use some good old reliable remote viewing. Seek out where some idea first appeared in print and challenge that writer's motivation. Nothing is as it seems, but it not the way the mainstream nor the bulk of the alternative and spiritual news communities see it, either. The truth is probably something new all together.
So the next time you hear about Blue Avians, 20 and backs, Maldek, the Orion wars or any other such stories question not just the sincerity and credentials of the speaker. Ask all the possibilities of what happened that made the speaker take the experience as objective fact. There are very talented speakers and lecturers that collect these tales like modern bards and deliver them with sincere love of the topics and audiences. And to tales there is often some kind of truth. But there is often a lack of filters or new questions. The question is what is behind all this.
I may appear a skeptic, but in fact I am well aware there is more to life than materialism. There are beings from elsewhere. There are misunderstood methods and technology that are branded as magic and there is hope. And the reframers are right about the trickster. Does this trickster feed on illusion and mass deception? I just want us to be able to move forward with the right questions to get the right answers to all of this.

Oh yes, the song...

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  • It's been said, often at times. Profetic dreams of any sort, especially repetative ones, lead to a personal experience you have had either:

    As someone who was there

    as someone who observed the event, or

    as someone who was so deeply troubled by what happened, the soul experience committed itself to memory.

    and so it goes...government censorship on the UFO topic in general has me asking a few very important, if not crucial questions.

    1. whose working for who?

    2. Where's the real intention pointed?

    3. Why until now, has only certain evidence been proven to suggest human incarnations, have anything to do with extraterrestrial conduct of any kind?

    In other words, what's blocking extraterrestrials from physically interacting with us here?

    To answer this, and to skip cosmic history, by channelers, and the astral, purely focusing on the physical dimension, I have put together a list of possible theories as to getting to the truth.

    One such theory states. "In no uncertain terms, are we alone in the universe." Because possibility exists for us to be visited by extraterrestrials, it cannot be impossible because space allows for someone to pop into this plain of existence, called 3d. This would mean that:

    Extraterrestrials are among us already.

    We are all more connected than we realize.

    The fact that souls incarnate as humans have no recollection of, in general, any other lives beyond the current one, suggests an active movement to hide soul exploration. Which, just like the UFO movement, is shrouded in deception. But most importantly, hope.

    It is this hope that can be used to construct my second theory. Using a portal, be it mental or physical or both, we can:

    overcome our limitations

    figure out if any "indirect methods of consciousness talks" provides accurate data depending on where the source, (vessel of a soul using psionic energy to travel there) can be used to construct a time line of events belonging to a specific region or period of time.

    This is done based on possibility, and personal feelings, connections or visions attached to a specific experience one may have had throughout their cosmic soul history.

    this still, however, does not answer the question. Where are all the physical extraterrestrials now, what are they doing, and why are they here in secret if they are here at all?

    to rule out the fact they are not here, we must first analyze why they would not be interested in Earthly affairs. The fact that governments cannot provide a consistent factual story as to the whereabouts of any extraterrestrials on the planet, is evidence enough to suggest they exist in the first place. Science fiction is also evidence, because otherwise, we would have no acceptance of what we know now because of it.

    We can do more than believe. the first step is to rule out any event not within reach, to focus on what is.

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