I disagree with the shattering of the Matrix

I dont agree with the shattering of the matrix because in one act of destruction it could cause a cosmic ripple and a buttefly effect which could affect other cosmic creations. I believe the matrix is an energetic grid  paradigm of belief which is a set belief structure of the sentient aeon of time we live in also known as the universe or cosmos and i really do believe the Matrix needs programming and training not destroying. Open to Opinions

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  • I agree as well. I've had enough destruction seen it in fact, happen to so many it's time to save what we can and build upon it. No more deception, or hatred, or elite owning everything. We need to give back to the people, we are all co creators here.

  • Bradley, I see your point. The whole shattering seems to be an anger based destructive mode that throws out everything. There also seems to be a very anti-government attitude (think Mark Passio) in the former site as well. Not sure why but this kind of hard edge has always given me the creeps. Some heavy reform is indeed called for, but I would sooner see change brought about with spreading a more egalitarian attitude. It is easy to destroy, but more complex to create something better from the ground up. The real troublemakers here on planet and off are more of a minority that should be locked away from ruining it for the other 7 billion here. When there has been a movement that truly sought the kind of age that we are looking for the virus in the matrix has reared its ugly head. Take for instance the 60s where the movement was distorted with out of balance drug use or the current truth movement with viruses of extreme right wing politics and bull crap like "flat-earth."  Even relatively simple and altruistic things such as calls for UFO disclosure or environmentalism are hijacked with distortions and distractions. There seems to be a hijacking of the very idea of altrusim itself with kind of a worship of a type of meritocracy or using the idea of truth itself as a means to create further suppression.

    If we consider the matrix like a program, is that the program has a virus and after that virus is cleared, the program can return to a balanced and consistent state. Isolating the virus and seeking balance seem the wisest way forward.

    Do you see the pattern I am describing? This viewpoint would be kind of a minority and seem not to even have a place in the discourse (even in the 'alternative' news world, which seems to be the way the viral forces want it.

    • Another question that I think is relevant to the local area of the matrix - is the erasure of memories in reincarnation to prevent avatarship still appropriate? I kept my last life's memories and seem no worse for the wear.

    • I believe the virus was implimented by cruel minds to try make us look like we needed help from an ofworld source ! Memories should never be erased but stored ! And to me the idea of fruitfull sojourn in physical is to forget then remember

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