• Hello. I am Sloan. My interests focus in psychic, energetic, and spiritual endeavors. 

  • Hello Everyone, 

    If I talked about my interests this would be a really long post. I have many to say the least.

    I am a spiritual person and I enjoy working with the spirit world. The spirit world came to me, which started me on a quest to figure out what that was about. This led me to learn how to do a number of healing modalities. I was also guided to learn about native American spirituality. Later on, I did a vision quest which showed me I am to be the bridge between worlds, this one and the spirit world.

    I practice shamanism which gives me a way to interact with the spirit world. I consciously  choose to make the world a better place and support people who do.

  • ...transhumanism... ==> interplanetary -- intergalactic -- interdimensional...


    • Nakwa Justin,

      I wish I could tell you in a meaningful way how wrong those ideas are, and how dangerous it is to feel that way. I know that there are many people promoting how wonderful AI, robotics, and cloning will be for your future, but they are very wrong, and some of these people are prurposely leading you in that direction for their benefit, not ours.

      There is a natural, biological way we are meant to evolve that goes on throughout the universe. Transhumanism is UNNATURAL and will not lead to the universe, but to an extinction event for humankind, if people follow it. Please trust in your Mother Earth, hold fast to Her through all to come and the universe will be opened to you.




    • Current human physical biological=bacterial-chemical body constitution and programming setup means unnecessary suffering in aging related diseases and inevitable premature deaths as a result, which limits the further expansion and growth. Current aging-disease-death programming serves the procreation (a sort of cloning) setup. The 'anti-aging' and 'transhumanism' are the only way to survive and evolve further-higher, becoming interplanetary as soon as possible is the way to survive. Earth is not the (only) "mother", neither 'seeder of life', it can kill life easily instantly...

    • Nakwa Justin, Land and Life are One,

      I understand that line of thinking, but evolution follows a higher good from our Creator. If we trust in nature and its natural biological evolution, we are on the best road, the safe road home. There are evil forces in the world who are leading us toward transhumanism for their agenda, their good not ours. The end point of transhumanism is biological degeneration and misery. If you have faith in a higher power than yourself please pray to that source for guidance. Those leading us astray have no feelings, no compassion; they made the wrong choices long ago and must now prey upon us, our biology, our DNA. They went down the transhumanism path and now need us to make the same mistake. Please choose wisely. 

      There are other sources warning against transhumanism, wise and knowledgeable people who are sounding the alarm. Here are some of these sources to help us to see both sides of the question (search “transhuman dangers” to learn more):




    • I'm going to watch those videos.

    • I have seen both positive and negative sides of the transhumanism argument. My view is that both are evolutionary in their own way, but they have to mature to be used for sustainable living.

    • Welcome. I feel connected to all of those things. haha

    • Eishara, There are evil beings in the world who have been purposely connecting you, attaching you to, loving technology. It is to their benefit, not ours to change you into transhumans. Please trust in the biological evolution our Creator has designed for us.


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