Hi, I began researching the aether over 20 years ago, if "aether" is truly the right term, I have learnt it is more a case of dissolving the physical into a quasi-physical dynamic energy, like that of Chi.

My research stems from research into Antigravity and Free Energy.

I am happy to show you, but only if you have a burning interest in this subject, ether for it's own means, or to apply it.

At this point I can evolve powerful energies most people can feel, my next step is to find how to make these energies do useful physical jobs.

It costs noting to give this a try besides a few minutes of time and a little open mindedness, so reply if you are interested, or contact me.

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  • Szmaragdowe tablice Thotha - Tablica 4

    Narodzona przestrzeń

    ciąg dalszy ...

    Prześcigając się w nauce, byli, ze wszystkich ras, 
    potężni w mądrości, synowie gwiazd.
    Zatrzymałem się na długi czas, 
    obserwując ich mądrość. 
    Ujrzałem jak tworzą z etheru miasta,
    gigantyczne, usłane różami i złotem. 
    Ukształtowane z pierwotnego elementu,
    podstawy wszelkiej materii, 
    etheru daleko rozrzuconego.

    Dawno w przeszłości, 
    podbili ether.
    Uwolnili się od skrępowania trudem.
    Stworzyli w pamięci następców ledwie obraz, 
    a szybko stworzony, rósł.

    Naprzód wówczas moja dusza pospieszyła poprzez Kosmos, 
    oglądając wciąż, 
    rzeczy nowe i stare;
    dowiadując się, 
    że człowiek w istocie narodził się w przestrzeni. 
    Słońce Słońca, dziecię gwiazd.

    Wiedz że, 
    O człowiecze, 
    gdziekolwiek zamieszkujesz,
    że to miejsce jest jednością z gwiazdami.

    Wasze ciała są jak planety krążące
    wokół ich centralnych gwiazd.

    Gdy zdobędziesz światło wszelkiej mądrości,
    wolnym się staniesz, 
    by świecić w etherze,
    jednym ze Słońc oświetlającym zewnętrzną ciemność, 
    jednym z narodzonych w przestrzeni dorosłych do Światła.

    Podobnie jak gwiazdy z czasem tracą swój blask, 
    światło przepływa z nich do wielkiego źródła, 
    O człowiecze, 
    dusza podąża naprzód, 
    pozostawiając w tyle ciemność nocy.

    Ukształtowana w tobie 
    z pierwotnego etheru, 
    wypełniona blaskiem,
    który płynie z źródła, 
    wiązana etherem skupionym wokół,
    tak wciąż płonie,
    aż w końcu staje się wolna.

    Wznieś swój płomień spośród ciemności, 
    odleć od nocy, 
    a staniesz się wolny.

    Wędrowałem poprzez czasoprzestrzeń, 
    wiedząc, że dusza moja w końcu stała się wolna,
    wiedząc, że teraz mogę podążać za mądrością.
    Aż w końcu, przeszedłem na płaszczyznę,
    ukrytą przed wiedzą, 
    nieznaną mądrości, 
    rozpostartą poza tym wszystkim, co znamy.

    O człowiecze, gdy już zdobyłem tą wiedzę, 
    urosła ze szczęścia ma dusza,
    gdyż teraz stałem się wolny.
    Słuchajże, w przestrzeni narodzony,
    wysłuchaj mojej mądrości:
    nie wiesz że, też będziesz wolny.

    Wysłuchaj raz jeszcze, 
    O człowiecze, mojej mądrości,
    dzięki temu słuchaniu, 
    ty też, 
    możesz żyć i być wolny.
    Nie z ziemi jesteś - ziemski,
    lecz dzieckiem Nieskończnego Kosmicznego Światła.

    Czyż nie wiesz,
    O człowiecze, o swoim dziedzictwie?
    nie wiesz, 
    że jesteś prawdziwie Światłem?
    Słońcem Wielkiego Słońca, 
    gdy gromadzisz mądrość,
    prawdziwie świadomym pokrewieństwa z Światłem.

    2 Szmaragdowe tablice Thotha - Tablica 4 Narodzona przestrzeń ciąg dalszy ... Prześcigając się w nauce, byli, ze...

    Posted by OBK "Vega" on Saturday, August 6, 2011
  • I am interested as well. I have a lot to add to this subject.

    the main thing I have noticed about etheric energy, is that it is omni-dimensional. It can exist under any shape, because trans materialization is involved. this is a state of harmony, balance and such at the heart of where sub atomic particles are born before they take their shape. This energy is not the energy used to create spirit, however it is the spirit creation of such an energy which spirits interact with. Usually this is found within some of the realms of the astral plain. And in deed, the astral consists of some aspects to this energy.

    the physical world to the astral is just another dimension. however because we are multi-dimensional beings, some of us, particularly those who are based within a psychic link between spirit and the subconscious, may already know that molecules themselves can be either moving or constant. Constant molecules are responsible for the physical dimension. Moving molecules are responsible for the sentience which exists within any dimension. the astral, is how such molecules can recycle themselves and come into being or focus as something else. Yes, just like the matrix.

    What this energy does not have the power to do, is delete itself entirely. The physical world has this ability and it indeed is the greatest threat to any astral being, being deleted. You may be removed from the physical world, but an all out perge, especially in virtual environments such as computer simulations, of what could be possible, is one of the many reasons why extraterrestrials have taken the Nuclear war effort so seriously on planet Earth. Despite the fact a portal was recently opened by the people who went on to create Cern, as well as Nasa via operation paper clip to research this in detail, what their research failed to bring about, is the way in which energy can be deleted altogether. here's a hint, anti molecules aren't enough.

    The secret for adding energy directly to any reality, or removing it from any reality in and of itself relies on reshaping the purpose and function of an atom itself. This is done by the process of sentient ilimination. thought death. Basically what this means, is that if vision is what creates a reality, then especially in the etheric, abandonment causes it to die. Space itself, is actual proof that particles which are dead, exist nowhere, and so the concept of space holds them together in a void. In order for the void to have meaning, time is created to move the space particles about so that they remain alive. The reason why space exists, is because the same particles used to create an atom, can be used to shape energy into being or into an isolated existence of dead space.

    The physical dimension was created to house this space, simply because it is a constant molecular structure. The astral, is a variable dimension, meaning what gets deleted there, can come back. The physical however, is attractive for anyone who wishes to remain in a state of never changing fluctuations to reality itself. The reason why it does change, is through vision. the reason why it remains the same, is through ignorance or abandonment. this is why people who know the secret to life, knows that if thoughts create our reality, our reality is a thought that can be completely obliterated by leaving it altogether. The nature of reality itself, is living memory.

    The reason why the astral was created is because it houses the living memories of all existence is through the vision of the omniverse. Otherwise if this were to fail, the possibility of the big bang could become real. right now it is trapped between dimensions, and it is said that if anyone were to ever uncover it, the reason why we separated is so that freedom, or movement itself, could be the ultimate purpose for being. Instead of the alternative, which is either a part of something and nothing simultaneously, or not being in existence at all, for existence itself wouldn't ever happen. there are many other dimensions which explores hybridizing such realities, however the main difference here, of why this reality is special, is because it involves co creation. Being your own reality.

    To convert etheric energy into the physical plain, you'd need to change the molecular structure of any thing created there through any means, and cross the structure into an outer shell or physical appearance. In other words, find a way to house moving molecules into a bridge or a containment field, allowing them to interact with other moving molecules via a state of constant molecular causality. This way anyone in this dimension can interact with others, which is why our bodies are multidimensional. this is how computers were originally designed to run on their own, even through electrical impulses. The parts are physical, the electricity is generated also physically. However anyone who has done extensive experimentation with electricity knows it generates a low level field where ever it is created. This field can be picked up by the astral, and if tampered with, can result in flickering states of consciousness. essentially meaning that because electricity itself isn't self aware, power cuts, connection losses and random computer errors are common where ever psionic, moving molecular energy exists. electricity, is multidimensional because of the nature of it's transparency. This means that you can use electricity as a by product or side effect to create projects in the astral. How it sustains itself is through movement, although the movement of such in the physical is purely based on an understanding of predicted actions. Instead of it's multidimensional sentient nature. this is why you'll see a ton of psionic activity near old power stations close to the mountains where the natural water or forest is at hand. It is said that partially formed astral beings connect to the physical plain due to the attraction of the moving molecules, as they appear in the etheric or astral as a partially formed reality some wish to explore.

    because of this, the very nature of an eventuality, relies on moving and stationary particles to work with one another in order to facilitate it into activity. Which is why for example, constant electrical fields create a magnetic alignment. whereas chaotic fields, such as random fluctuations, alter the state of the appearance of such alignments based on the most likely cause. Meaning manipulation is always possible, as it is likewise the point blank result of any manifestation itself.

    when it comes to formulas for achieving any etheric to physical, as well as physical to etheric transformations, you have to understand the deciding factor here is cause. vision is just the creation of a possible bridge. Cause makes it actually happen.

    • The information I have found is more engineering based, more down to earth.

      I cannot see how to really grasp, verify, prove or disprove, let alone use what you have said, or indeed understand what most of it means.

      I am converned with how it can be engeneered with technology, with form, energy and motion, and made use of.

      It is a tangible thing, I can feel it, I can talk about it the same way someone would about how to make air blow with a fan.

    • I shared information regarding a technology found throughout the universe that can easily be created, adapted and used given time and study. The methods for doing so would simply need to be housed in a structure capable of doing so. The hardest part physically is the translation of said structure.

      Humans have yet to even grasp the concept of space travel to find the materials necessary for it to be possible to create technology for large scope applications. Especially applications of a trans dimensional nature. The possibility is still there.

      Look at on Google Maps, an area in diameter about a mile wide just east of a space between the towns of greenok and Inverkip Scotland UK. You'll see what I mean in regards to the power station, the electrical madness of paranormal activity and it's interdimensional nature in correspondance with the lake.

      another site to look at is Stave Falls, Mission British Columbia, Canada. Same idea.

      Look for regional news reports particularly around 8 PM - 12 AM local time.

      Groom lake is another site, but the US government has control of it. Others do lay abandonned yet they exist. There's one near the Mount Shasta, california area. Most are relatively unknown.

      If you want to prove space can exist without time, you can take time out of space, but not space out of time. You technically can separate the two, but you can only live in one.

    • Zanim ludzie wykorzystają nową technologię, powinni uruchomić dostęp do serca własnego, uwolnić Miłość. Dopiero wówczas twórczośc jest w pełni bezpieczna. W odległej przeszłości istoty miały dostęp do technologii bardziej zaawansowanych, niż obecna cywilizacja. Finał był okrutny. Destrukacja i zniszczenie wielu planet.

  • interested

    • Ok, well let's get started then.

      firstly, to better direct what I tell you, please tell me what specifically interests you most, such as the details/theory, experimentation with the energy, development of Antigravity, Free Energy and other technology, or a few designs you can use on some energetic applications.

      At any rate my focus is on studying energetic phenomena as a science, and developing technology eventually.

      I have found that form is one of the most potent ways of attecting the aether, the aether is is effect the result of pulling substance out of matter.  Consider the aether as a fluid and all particles are vorticies and over dynamics, vibrations/solitons/waves within this medium.

      Just as a boats proplellers churn up the water and leave a wake, so does all matter and energy.

      If you can pull this circulating energy from matter and filds, make it flow, you can form energetic currents that have varying physical-like properties, such a pseudo electric charges, or energies that act like magnetic monopoles, or act as diamagnetic or neutral.

      When energy pulled from a certain material moves through more of the same material (say a coil) there is a friction, but when it moves through a highly dis-similar material, it move very quickly and freely.

      There are 2 ways you can work with this energy, one is if you are able to feel the energy, you can experiment with designs, learn things.

      If you can't feel it, then I could give you a design and you could run with it, using it is various applications to see what it can be used for.


      So to see if you can feel the energy, there is a very easy way to get started, now first question, do you have any, preferably insulated wire?

      It should Ideally be single strand wire, copper or steel.  it could be what is known as "Magnet wire', or it could be steel craft wire or garden wire.

      If you do i can give you some coil designs to make.

      Anyway, the other options is to use the effect light has to affect the aether, yes, images can affect the aether enough for many people to feel!   Although not as strongly or readily as physical creations for most people.

      The image works best with the screens backlight on full (might not work from a smart phone, some of the screens block the energy) and in somewhat subdued lighting conditions.

      Place you hand over the image on the screen and pull back slowly a few feet moving your hand back the fourth.

      As you do this you might feel some sensations in your hand, especially from the senter or outer circle.

      Tell me what if anything you feel.

    • Tried this and felt a slight vectoring away from and perpendicular to the plane of the laptop screen (Thinkpad T410 w/brightness at 90%) about 2 feet back, perhaps 1/50th of a G - and a slight warmth that increased slightly when I resisted. Tried this with another white photo of similar size with an ordinary drawing and noted no difference between this and the rest of the screen.

      Its good that you used a png image as the color fields will not degrade as bad as you would get with jpeg compression. If you start with these in a bitmap you can tweak the colors using hexidecimal and recolor them quickly - reduced from the Hz values and tuned up and down octaves. Can also augment with sound from a signal generator.  I'll be happy to test and experiment with you.

      I did experiment with calculated tones and colors and symbols onscreen in leiu of candle magic some years back - and disruption frequencies based on the pairs of tones used in touchtone phones for banishing - even tried to work out exactly what frequency would bore a temporary hole between dimensions - its probably in the Gigaghertz band - and is related to certain gamma rays as as a result of a nuclear blast or certain devices such as a synchophasotron. If you are intersted in these ideas we need to talk.

    • I think we need to talk then!

      I'll send a private message with my email address.

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