The one thing I see belief has done to humanity over time, is be the driving force behind central motivation. If people know what they are doing as no strings attached or they are too afraid to stand up for what they believe in, it hasn't reached a critical level of perceived interest for it to be taken seriously, let alone, creep into how your daily activities more or less function. Lets forget medicine for a second, what works is what we stick to most often and at times it seems how we see it reflects directly onto the idea that because we see it a certain way, not only do we believe it, but once it is fully perceived, it starts to become a motivation for change to occur.

You know I was thinking about ways in which we could actually help humanity as a whole become something beyond being aware of all the filth the conspiracies are turning our reality to be. I don't care about the truth as much as I care people are happy, it isn't something that you can put a condition on, nor is it something you feel automatically when ever you think of a situation you actually like all that often as remembered, however, it comes from the idea that the change to motivation was a good one because you don't have regrets, you never look back because you felt like the core situation or challenge was changed enough for it to be well worth its current or continuing use, growth of an ideal, concept or value. A little long of an explanation this may be, consider this. If we believe the majority of us there is something we must change in the world, who said we had to go and bother those who are making it. For anything other than research purposes, the only way to get things done is to build it ourselves and not ever give up. That is where freedom truly lies, there are people out there who are do gooders, seldom you see them act upon their beliefs, or know what they are doing, let alone to stand in their faith, as you see so many new age people afraid to do, as in rock the boat. I wish to tell you all that as I see it, stand in your own faith, but care as one for the world around you or start to build one out of the world around you to get to a place of peace. I think this is what ancient cultures has done because this was all that was available to them in order to improve the energy and maintain order in the vibration of their society as a whole, by keeping its purpose of focus alive where things relating to people and daily life management weren't even discussed unless someone did something to disrupt the intent of one cultures peace upon the expansion of another cultures property for personal or sporting gain rights, conditioning the people to believe it was worth it, as is the case with how drama effects minds of the people today. Similarly, the way the tax system works is about trust, but you wouldn't need to trust a requirement if you knew you could do things your own way, as it is with the way of the sovereign movement.

No person or group focus can be perfect all the time, challenges and changes prevail within all systems. But the key is how flexible the interaction of all changes are within the core group and how it in turn effects the purpose of why any group exists. It isn't about labels, I'm an activist, a spiritual person, a scientific theorist, a star seed, a this or that, environmentally, you are either a contributor, an idealist or a worker because anything else is seen to some only as an objective, a means to a better understanding, even though in truth it is often something a lot more than what it appears to be. This is why functionality, practicality and sincerity is important to achieve change if that is the goal we are all aiming for. Don't start with trust, start with knowledge and awakening to make something better, or simply make a better way from the tools we share as one, which is why the purpose of love and peace works so well to find motivation within a society an its people united as a nation of interest.

The minute you breathe life into something, it must be balanced for it to succeed with what ever purpose it was built for. We have limits, the world was built by us to support our needs because all the things in it we have access to one way or another, otherwise nothing built would have a meaning behind it, something we do associate things like benefits, privileges and other commodities of modern living with. Laws are just a reflection of order and don't actually represent order itself in ways that are up to date because they always need to be changed due to things we think of as acceptable or not, which is why I've never said politics is the answer, it is just a sub society of control at best, all be it one with a friendly face on the outside. Put briefly, there will always be challenged individuals and individuals who challenge, you can't challenge something you use yourself, it doesn't work that way. Whether we live as we wish or live to support another system, always keep in mind there is an answer beyond hope, and if Hitler Germany taught u anything, let alone all the world wars and everything else shady world government is involved in, don't choose a side, just choose what works for you because deep inside, we are not alone. Love attracts company, hate attracts action.

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  • Krytyczne postrzeganie, to skutek transformowania siebie, swoich przekonań, priorytetów i preferencji. Transformacja do pewnego stopnia może dokonywać się zbiorowo, ale świadomość jednostki, jest warunkiem koniecznym do podjęcia dalszej indywidualnej  podróży z wytyczeniem kierunku i ukierunkowaną inwestycją w siebie. Ten etap rozwoju ludzkiej świadomości ( II poziom rozwoju), niewiele ma wspólnego z potraktowaniem rozwoju własnego w kategoriach - zysku. Dopiero w sytuacji, gdzie  rozwój staje się realnym zyskiem, kiedy człowiek dostrzega, że bogactwo tworzenia zależy od odkrytych w procesie rozwoju cech i talentów, dopiero wówczas, rozwój jest pojmowany w kategorii zysku. Koncentracja uwagi na tym obszarze przyczynia się do przyciągania odpowiednich ludzi i wiedzy, dzięki której można pogłębić doświadczenie siebie i poszerzyć horyzonty rzeczywistości. To warunek konieczny akceptacji nowych koncepcji i wykorzystania ich w procesie kreatywnym. Rozwój społczeństwa jest integralnie związany z odpowiedzialnością jednostki za samą siebie, od miłości własnej odkrytej przez nią samą na drodze jej doświadczenia rzeczywistości. Świat zewnętrzny jest jedynie lustrem świadomości, tak indywidulanej jak i zbiorowej. 

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