The Meaning Of Knowledge

Here's a question for you. Does knowledge lead somewhere, truly? Or does it always leave you searching on a quest for more answers?

If you know you will meet your twin flame tomorrow, how does that make you feel? Excited because you finally have a set expectation? Unsure because you are making plans beyond it? Hoping it simply comes to pass and leaves you expecting a moment to be what isn't said or thought, yet just felt? Or perhaps, nothing at all. Well there's a bit of a secret out there, and it dances to the tune of you are what you feel.

Think about life like this. Just like in the physical world, anything can be produced. Doesn't matter how, just that it can. Creation replicates itself and that's all it has the power to do. But what happens when you know how to do that. Do you wish to learn everything until all you know how to do is replicate what's already in existence? Or do you want to replicate it for another purpose? Because you wish to become a part of why it happens the way it does. Well some of us, ancient souls, answered that question ages ago. We said yes. We wanted to try it, and we have been doing that for a very long time.

Age old questions, obviously are nothing new. They provide answers to questions that are newer, because what's being asked has already been realized. So when knowledge is at a point in space time, a stand still where it's looking back through it's own history to answer something unknown, where do we go from here? When in other words, how can something become enough. Surely, the completion of a project replicated to perfection is, well, heavenly is it not? What you expect you always receive, and nothing ever desires you to move beyond it. Or you are constantly moving beyond what you know until all you're doing is becoming the center of everything. Where's the meaning in that. The absolute proof you directly, are attached to all you participate in replicating for your own sake? Not just for the sake of possible knowledge, for that's already been done throughout our history. Otherwise, it couldn't exist at all. Even if it remained hidden.

My question is, what is the meaning of knowledge in relation to it's desire? For example. I want to know why I have a twin flame, not who they are. So why should I need to justify a reason for having one, when I should be able to say the meaning why I have actually a doppelganger is important to me because? Fill in the blank. Or, discover the part of you that remains blank. However you put it, meaning is the new intelligence from soul and that's the truth behind knowledge today. We need to place meaning into it for it to be truly awakened and realized from within.

Why is it important for knowledge to have a purpose you ask? The answer is simple. Because knowledge itself is meant to be sentient, instead of just playing a part of living memory. This is how souls are born.

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  • Desire does not equal knowledge. However, delving into a certain area of knowledge and asking the right questions does put one on a path where the can access new knowldge easier with the help of a little synchronicity.

    Some doors to new knowledge can be like prying open a vault door with a toothpick. Sometimes that can get annoying.

  • The concept of the twin flame first was written about in the theosophic teachings as an idea that some initial souls were separated (by whom?) into two dualistic parts that when reuinted will form a perfect whole of that soul. And when one meets a twin flame it may be a very beautiful thing and give both a sense that they are complete. This has merged with the idea of ascension in Gnostic teachings that the now complete soul can ascend.  On the other hand, some twin flames become runners that can not accept this new higher energy - which can mean a short or long term (think next incarnation). .length of time.

    There are many spells and such that are supposed to accelerate one meeting their twin (often involving a new moon) Sometimes the trickster will simply send a soul mate or just a very attractive person at that point that is not really a twin flame - and they also bolt (which one party will attribute to the runner idea to validate their idea the spell worked) And in a way it kind of did, they just weren't ready. It suports the idea in spellcraft that the practicioner needs to be very specific about what their focus is. And that we need to be aware of ourselves to know whether are ready for what we ask for. However, yet again the ready principle is sometimes abused as an explanation as to why a spell didn't work. Sometimes its just a half-assed spell. Sometimes it takes a while to work.

    Knowledge is our friend. Especially the true knowledge. Its got extra kick as they say.

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