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    The mind is so framed that it cannot work without expectation of fruits or anticipation of rewards for actions. If you smile when you meet your friend, you expect a smile in return. If you give a glass of water to somebody, you expect something in return. If you salute a friend, you expect him to salute you in return. This is the inborn nature of a worldly-minded man. 

    Train the mind to work disinterestedly. Discipline the mind with patience and perseverance... "

    Great insights; thank you for linking this, John Michael.

    I have come to similar findings in my own path. Our inclination to unwittingly seek reciprocation in the most subtle of ways, regarding the most subtle of things, such as through the act of a simple smile, can lead to unnecessary expectation, pressure, stress, disappointment, dismay, sadness, and some number of other emotions, when others do not respond in kind as we might prefer.

    It is difficult to temper oneself in such regard,...but the rewards can include social-spiritual interaction that may harbor the possibility for being more natural, organic, free, harmonious, and loving, in result. When we condition ourselves and others with the pressure to meet up to certain expectations that we have preset in mind, it can in turn create a mutual dynamic where both naturally being oneself, and feeling one can be accepted for naturally being oneself, becomes compromised. Unconditional love tends to find it difficult to blossom in such conditions.

    Even when these things do not make it to the level of verbal communication, or do not otherwise appear to move beyond the level of body language...people are still influenced, and affected at the level of vibes as well as psychic cues and indicators.

    Mastering one's inner spirit-energy cannot but be inevitably all of even the most basic social interaction.

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