To all members;

I know some of you speak other languages and even speak English as well, it would be helpful though if you post an Article in your Native Tongue/ Language, that you also include a translate option so others to read your Article.

I speak English mainly, as I will only post in American English. 

I believe the Admin, has added  Google Translate option available but if you can't find where it's located at it serves no purpose, if there is no button to translate your post's or article then it would be difficult for me to respond to it. 

Thank you 

Karen Arnold

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  • I'm 62 years of age my eyesight has been fair but changes in my age and lifestyle. I'm changing eating habits from meat to vegetarian, I have the support of my sister and her daughter. I was hoping that I could get my husband to transition with me but it's looking like he wants nothing to do with it, he does not like vegetables except corn and fresh peas, but willing to try smoothies though it's a start for him anyways.

    I learned how to use computers on my own and I've crashed a few too to where I had to wipe out the entire hard drive, so I've learned from my experiences. We have gone from Gateway with big towers, to HP also with big towers, to Apple computers only. Now with browsers, I learned from experience that Internet Explorer tends to have more virus and is so easy to hack, then when we got Apple I really didn't like Safari browser so I installed Firefox Mozilla but I found that even this browser was slow running and would crash all the time. So I only use Safari now but I have Firefox on the computer as a back-up for site's or games that I play that are not compatible with Safari. I still learning many things that pertain to computers especially Apple but thank goodness my older brother has worked with Apple since it's inception from McIntosh/ IBM, so if I run into a problem I call him.

    I want to thank all of you for your help and guidance on this site. I'm on Facebook also if you want to look me up and befriend me there.

    • You are most very welcome. I am very, very happy you were able to get this issue resolved and working great for you! I know it can be challenging when you don't understand something..we all go through issues like that.

      Patience = perseverance.

  • I use safari and that is beside the point before there was no translation button that I could find now I know where it is now which makes it easier for people who don't see very well.

    Thank you for your concern on which browser I use as I know that does make a difference at times.

    • I want you to know something. I can't see anything at all. So you having a little bit of vision is actually a plus in my book. So don't feel bad about your eye problems. It's not ever your fault.

    • It moved! Now I can see it better as well. It used to be on the bottom right. Now it's the top left.

  • What browser are you using? I'm using Chrome and it has Google translate built in. When I visit a webpage with a different language it automatically comes up with a popup asking if I want it translated into English. Or I can right-click anywhere on the page and click on the "Translate to English" option. It's been years since I've used them but I assume other browsers like Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari have similar built-in functions.

    • I use a variety of browsers. Mainly Chrome and Firefox. I haven't found the translation option built right into it, but I have noticed that you can go to and manually translate copied pasted text.

    • I used Internet Explorer and it has no translate option. I know I'm old school but it works just as good.

  • I just repositioned it. Hows that, any better?

    • Yes much better. Thank you elshara!

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