Waterfox A Firefox Replacement

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Mozilla Firefox claims to be fast, private and free. however in recent months, it's becoming a nag to deal with. If you care about extensions, and overall ease of use, you may be interested to know, there's a compatibal browser out there that's like Firefox, but works just as well if not better.

I'm all about promoting stable software. If out with the old, and in with the new is your thing. By all means, stay with Firefox. But if you're picky about what you want, and you want it to do its job and work well, check this out.

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  • I have tested it and it works. So well that I have kept it in reserve as a backup browser. I'm holding off on making it primary due to the fact that it somehow displays youtube as the new Youtube Polymer or Material Design style that is awful. On the other hand, it allows me to keep several add-ons indefinitely although it still flags them as "Legacy"

    I guess I am one of those picky ones that when setting up a new machine I will spend 8 hours changing settings and hacking it to get it where I want it. I gravitate towards smaller programs that do one task flawlessly rather than bloatware with new features every week that want to link one with an account, a cloud this or that, etc. No thanks. If anyone knows of great programs that are well behaved - show them off here.

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