Exploring unconditional love, healing, enlightenment. Letting the truth guide us, as we step into the self.

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  • Thank you for your beautiful invitation, sorry for the delays, my laptop have issues with your browser.

  • I wish to all a beautiful day and a bit of magic spakle with love & light!


  • Thanks for the invite, Elshara!

  • Thanks for the invite. Elshara! <3 O:) * (Y)

  • Thanks for the invittion, Elshara!  I thought I joined this aleady yesterday. Oh well. Keep up all your wonderful efforts! In Love and Light, John

  • Thank you so much for extending the invitation to join this group. I must say the name is definitely appropriate

  • When one makes the effort to show love, then all that are subjected to this awesome gift is more ready to accept and also share these same feelings back to those that shared them first...

    Thank you Elshara for making this invatation to me...may my steps be firm and sure, may the footprints left, join with all those before and may we all continue to move forward lovingly...blessings always, until we share once more...

  • Thanks for the wonderful invite. Love is all there is. It is hard for me to feel loved and give love. Friendship is very hard for me to find and keep.

  • Thank You Elshara for the beautiful invite. How ever could I say no especially when Love is the answer. I am very slow to navigate, I am not a techie, so in case you don't see me for a little thats natural, plus I have been so under it with all the intense energy that it is difficult to do anything, especially think. I have noticed in the last week a change and am hoping that I am over the hump. I am feeling stronger within, can't explain, but different, good. Has anyone one else started feeling, new? I look forward to navagating this site and getting to know people of like mind. Again, Thank You for finding me.

  • Thank you for that most beautiful invite. I am honored to be asked. I generally don't say much. I'm currently finding myself again. I've just recently dealt with the death of my mother and that has caused me to lose myself for a while. I'm taking baby steps right now but as least I am taking those steps. When I am ready I would like to share my story with you. I do not seek pity, though I do seek understanding and insight and to deal with the circumstances leading up to her death. I do have a lot of love to offer and to share. If I'm not on here much please don't give up on me. I'm still grieving and well I also have a new boyfriend who is amazing to me and well  that does take up a lot of my free time too.

    I would like to ask however, does anyone here identify as an angel? I am one and I would like to know others too. 

    Love, light and peace. 


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