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Homeward Journey the light that leads us home

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  • Thank you for your positive feedback   i think we are guided into things that were here for ive purposely left the website basic to really connect with others i do sell my art but only to return my outgoings for canvas and paint/printing cost etc

    I often give my art to those who connect or feel they connect with the art I've recently retired from ill health after 35 years so my life's a little easier I can now focus my art i am also halfway through writing a book on how I connected with spirit and light has i  think my journey may be useful to others on the pathway.

    feel free to print my art for anyone who needs it with my permission

    They do say once you begin your spiritual journey every day is a passion how true this is!!

    • That is very true and I understand the reason behind it. I've always seen art as the doorway to ones soul. When you are able to look deep within to find true connectivity, you know all is as it is meant to be.

      I'll keep what you said in mind. Have you ever thought about making your art a kind of portrait? It would remind you of all the best things it represents. 30X Years is quite  alot of achievements in my book. Especially for something you're very passionate about. Makes the biggest difference as I see it.

      I think the website is definitely one that serves it's purpose as a guide of sorts.

  • Thank you, I try as a Spiritual Artist to offer people the chance to witness something guiding through my Art something that intrigues them so much that they will flow with the energy from the Art and connect with their own spiritual essence Please have a look at my site i would value your feedback

    I am hoping to create some short courses on Connection with Spirit through Art this year where we combine Reiki Spirit Meditation music and art I tend to work constantly with my spirit guides creating Music Art and connection and i am passionate about connecting with our spiritual essence I think everyone has the ability if they so choose to be positive and connect with their guides and Angels



    Dream Journeys from within inner soul visions psychicart,
    • As for connecting with your guides, angels and such. If you are looking for a way to illistrate this through art and music, I suggest that you take a look at in your course material, what drove you to visualize the art you actually made. this way, the intent is written in the piece itself.

      You can't exactly duplicate intent. But you can show it and help others find it.

      Dream Journeys from within inner soul visions psychicart,
    • I think you have largely succeeded so far in directing such a path. You definitely have the years of work to back you up. And I think, the more you do something, and offer the same amount of passion. The better you'll find the result will turn out. It's like making Apple Pies. The more you do it, the less tiring it becomes as you get intimately familiar with how the ingredients operate.

      Your site looks amazing. You did a great job with it. It's simple, to the point and you have the basic foundation in place to expand on with more content.

      I'm not sure what you wish to use it for, other than a simple host at this point. But if you have any ideas in mind, perhaps I could help.

      Dream Journeys from within inner soul visions psychicart,
  • Beautiful. Very true.

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