pen collection labeled

Mostly Space Pens and pencils of the types used on space missions

1. US Gemini Pencil (Scripto) 2 US Shuttle Pencil (Skilcraft) 3 US Shutle Pencil (Cross .9mm) 8 USSR Vostok Pencil (Soyuz pencil) 9 US Mercury (Skilcraft China Marker) 11 International Space Station (Sharpie) 12 USA Gemini and USSR Soyuz (Pentel Sign Pen) 14 US Shuttle Marker (Cross) 19. US Shuttle (Eversharp Sace Pen) 20 US Shuttle (Fisher CH4 Space Pen) 21 & 22 US Apollo and Skylab programs (Fisher AG7 Space Pen)

Ironically, the most well known space pen is the least used in space - the markers and pencils are preferred. The popular Bullet style space pens have not flown at all - safety concerns about inhailing a loose cap

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