United Starseeds Of A New Age

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We, the starseed community are here to expand and provide a focus of loving energies towards building a new age of enlightenment using energy and the power w...

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  • I was just wondering, all the messages coming from this site have a very generic feel. Is there something that you are getting at, or is the approach a catch-all type message? Regards, John

    • There is no hidden agenda if that's what you're asking. I wouldn't say it's necessarily a generalized network, but it means something unique to different people.

      I've only just started adding content. This will become more specific later, but it's to do with things discovered along the way.

  • Hi, Elshara!  Is this a new site or does United Starseed still exist?  I noticed this video is from 2013, so I am interested in what may be occurring nowadays in 2018!!  Thank you so much for your service: ) talk to you soon, blessings!

    • I apologize about that, I should've cleared up the confusion. This was a video of me explaining the principles of United Starseeds. But this is still as the new site. I wish the old one was around, but alas. I have to recreate it.

      • Good foundation!  Combining resources and expanding our community online is an excellent idea!

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